[Trans]Fresh Johnny's Jr. Message Board in Johnny's Web(Bakaleya+Other Jr.)
I would like to share translation of Jr. Msg board in December Fresh Jr. Concert in Yokohama (quite late though)
This one is second version, as last time I did only translation for Bakaleya group in bakaleya_kumi community.
Anyway, I am quite new to Jr., but they are getting more and more attention from me like their sempai ever did :D
It will be great if any of you find this handwritten message and their sign interesting like I do.

J-web Fresh Jr. Concert Message Board

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Mystery Virgin PV !!!!!!
Oh I'm not really a fan of Yamada Ryosuke and HSJ.
But this made me wooooow, he did it.

Just saw Yama Chan solo PV, Mystery Virgin

Just a short version but he look great as always, especially in white

As a kattun fan, I can say that I know him quite long, since NEWS & KAT-TUN JR. age
At that time, Nakajima Yuto play better roles, but he was also outstanding.

Can't deny that he is a golden Johnny's for this age. Lately, I almost finished all his drama.
He can act, sing, dance, etc. and jimusho pushing, He would be top Idol of Japan soon!!

Merry Chrismas Message from Bakaleya6
Just found out Xmas message post on Johnnys-net.
Like every year they have all group in different icons.
What's special is that they got jr. group Xmas message also.
And Bakaleya6 they've got their space on yellow candy on the right part (just above the bottom right corner icon)


Ow, I cant stop expect them to have more work next year.

I had been wishing them an official group name, but maa ...
Maybe just let them continue their group work will be the best like this year nee.


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